How to Play Fantasy Gully Cricket?

Your FSL11 quick assist to start your fantasy sports journey of becoming a champion

Quick Tip

Cricket is more than a game for Indians, its a part of their life. Almost every kid in the country grown up playing the gully cricket. They may not have good pitches and stadiums to play, but they make every street, roads, gardens, back yards, parks, beaches their playground.

For creating the team in Gully Cricket Captains toss using even odd or flip a coin,and whoever wins gets chance to pick the team mate first.

FSL11 is giving you an opportunity to relive the old game of Gully Cricket with the twist of Fantasy Game.

You get to choose your player turn by turn,Our application will randomly toss for you and provide you numbers (1st or 2nd) which will eventually be your turn.

Wait for your turn to pick your player. Once a player is picked can not be picked by opponent. At the end of Toss every gamer has its unique team combo which fight against each other.

Playing gully fantasy cricket is simple, you just need to follow these steps:

How to play Gully Cricket in 6 simple steps


Pick A Match

Pick any of the upcoming matches: In the app, you will find many leagues to choose from.


Pick Time to Battel

Choose your time: You have to choose your players next. However, you don’t need to do it immediately. You just need to enter into a cash or practice contest and decide a time according to the availability of both when you can choose the players.


Build your Team

Choose your players: The fantasy gully cricket will toss for you and based on the number that you receive; your friend and you will get the opportunity to choose your players.

But here you need to take care of a few conditions as you will have to pick players from 4 categories: Wicket-keeper, Batsman, All-rounder and Bowlers. Another thing to note is that the captain and the vice-captain mostly earn 2 and 1.5 times every other player respectively. Choosing them wisely is, hence, needed.

Wait for your turn to pick your favourite player.

Pick players for your FSL11 team from all 4 of the categories mentioned below:

Wk Wicket-Keeper
Bat Batsman
AR All-Rounder
Bowl Bowlers

Create your FSL11 team by picking 11 players on your team on your turn as per the following combinations.

Player Type Minimum Maximum
WK 1 4
Bat 3 3
AR 1 4
Bowl 3 3

*Gully Cricket Toss Features to select your own team post toss*

Player Available : Total number of players still available for you to pick.

Player Picked : Total number of players you have currently picked on your team.

Round : This will current number of round happening between you and your opponent.

Time Left : Displays time left to make decision to pick a single player available for Toss.

Wait for your turn : Message is displayed on screen when its your opponent turn to pick.

It's your turn : Message is displayed on screen when its your turn to pick.

Change Player: You can change player on screen to your favourite player when its your turn to pick the squad.

Others Sqaud : Click to view squads of your opponent during the Toss in Play.

Your Squad : Click to view your own squad during the Toss in Play.


Submit your team

Don’t forget the deadline: Every match has a deadline for the submission of players. Don’t forget to submit your team before it.

Points to remember:

Step 1 : Create your own favourite squad of 11 players with criteria from Players picked by you and submit your team.

Step 2 : A. Select your FSL11 team’s Captain & Vice Captain

B. After creating your FSL11 team, choose a Captain & Vice Captain for the team.

C. Captain - Gets 2x points scored by him in the actual game

D. Vice Captain - Gets 1.5x points scored by him in the actual game

Step 3 : Submit your team before deadline

Step 4 : Edit Your Team : You can make as many changes to your FSL11 teams as you like until the deadline of that match! You can also change your Captain or Vice Captain before the deadline of the match. Select the “Edit Team” button to make changes to your team.

Make sure you keep an eye on which of your players are playing the match and keep your team updated at all times. You can make decision on players once playing11 is announced to make sure you have the perfect 11 in your team.


Let the battle begin

Sit back and enjoy: As the real-life match begins, keep your eyes glued to the television to see how your players are accumulating points for you.

Points to remember:

A. The cricketer you choose to be your Fantasy Cricket Team’s Captainwill receive 2 times the point

B. The Vice-Captain will receive 1.5 timesthe points for his performance

C. Strike rate scoring is applicable only for strike rate below 70 runs per 100 balls.

D. In case of run-outs involving 2 or more players from the fielding side, points will be awarded only to the last player involved in the run-out.


Withdraw your Winnings

Get the money: You can easily withdraw the money you have earned from Gully cricket fantasy.

(One time verification is required.)

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