About Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League which is commonly known as IPL. It is the world biggest cricket T20 league where players from different country comes and shows off their talent with bat or ball in hand. For fantasy cricket players, it is just like a festival where they can earn huge amount of money. IPL Fantasy League is one of the common medium where the spectators enjoy using their skills.

Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2008 announced the first-ever T20 league which is now known as IPL. Even with the emergence of T20 cricket, many IPL fantasy league apps have been launched throughout the world where you can enjoy IPL Fantasy Cricket.

The cricket fans around India are going crazy with the commencement of the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022. It is one of the biggest tournaments in India that is known for its glamour as much as it is known for its cricketing action.It began in 2008 as a T20 league that immediately garnered quite a huge fan attention. Over the years, the league has been exponentially growing. Today, it is also one of the favorite tournaments of fantasy cricket players.

Indian Premier League 2022

The league is scheduled to start from March 26th and end on 29th May, with 74 league matches going to be played among 10 teams. After 2011, IPL will witness 10 teams in the tournament.

The cricket spectators in India will be searching for various IPL Cricket Fantasy League. But FSL11 is here to make your search easy. FSL11 is an IPL Fantasy App where you can enjoy playing and winning money using your skills and brain.

IPL Fantasy Cricket League

While the different international cricketer joins the ten teams of IPL. The fans play fantasy cricket at home using their skills and knowledge and win multiple rewards like cash prizes etc. You can start creating your fantasy team from the first match of IPL and you can also invest money in different IPL fantasy leagues according to your budget and you can win money daily.

So get yourself registered on FSL11 which is a fantasy cricket application and it is one of the growing sites all over the Fantasy cricket market. For making teams you can check out our daily preview blogs where you get full information of a particular match. That can help you to make a perfect team.

Your IPL cricketing knowledge and skills can help you earn huge cash daily. On our FSL11 cricket fantasy application, you can select team for every match and can invest in various contest. As if you want to invest small and want to win big then you can invest in a grand contest. Whereas if you want to take less risk and invest more money in less competition then you can invest in small contests.

One important thing to note here is that fantasy cricket is not a gamble. While someone might be lucky enough to win by randomly choosing players in a team, chances of this happening are negligible. The key to winning the game is to use strategy and select players considering a lot of factors.

Fantasy Cricket Tips:

Here are a few fantasy tips to give a kick-start to your fantasy IPL cricket.

● Know about the players:The Indian Premier League consists of players from both, India and overseas. In terms of experience, the league comprises new players along with the stalwarts of the cricketing world. One major mistake that many fantasy cricket players do here is that they choose players based on their emotions rather than statistics. You should read about the recent performance of those players before taking them in the team. Many times, new players also perform better than stalwarts when the stalwarts return to the field after a long time. You must also ensure that you choose only such players who are playing the match. This is one of the best fantasy cricket tips.

● The Captain and Vice-Captain: Just like the real-life teams have their captain and vice-captain, your fantasy cricket team also needs both. In fact, they are one of the most integral parts of the team because they bring you more points. Usually, a captain scores 2 times more points than the regular players while the vice-captain scores 1.5 times. This is why you’ll hear all the best fantasy cricket players give you this one fantasy tip- “Make all-rounders as captain and vice-captain". This is because they will earn you points from every sphere, batting as well as fielding or bowling.

● playing conditions: All avid cricket fans know that the weather, type of pitch and any other environmental factors have an impact on the gameplay. While you are choosing your team, it is important to consider this also. For example, flat pitches help the batsmen score more runs. This means that if the match is going to take place in such a stadium, you should keep more batsmen in your team. Like, Sharjah Stadium is one such stadium. Most teams have touched high scores there.

Weather conditions also need to be taken into account. Good weather conditions are usually batsman's friends while overcast skies tend to have an inclination for the bowlers, due to the humid environment.

● Go for Top-Order batsman: When selecting the batsmen in your team, one of the best fantasy cricket tips you will come across is selecting top-order batsmen. This is because the number 1 and 2 would definitely get to bat and the subsequent numbers are most likely to get a chance as well. They also get to face most of the deliveries giving them more time on the pavilion. This translates to more points for you.

● Invest well: It is always advisable to invest wisely in fantasy cricket. In fact, investing in small portions is good advice because then even if you lose the money, it won’t hurt much. While if you invest huge chunks of money in one particular game, you would constantly be under pressure to choose a team that would earn you good returns. In case your fortune decides to leave your side, you might end up facing huge losses in this case.

● Read and Research: Going online, you can find many resources about the stadiums and the players. Reading about them will help make the right decision while creating your team. Nowadays, even match predictions are posted online on several websites. They cover all the aspects that are to be taken care of while choosing the team, from pitch to weather. Reading those helps get a perspective.

The bottom line is, fantasy cricket is a great way to earn some extra penny while enjoying the match at the comfort of your house. Fans all over India are crazy for IPL and new innovations such as these take their excitement level to new limits. There’s no sure shot way to win at the game though. It is all about increasing your knowledge about cricket and the players and implementing it while choosing them. The fantasy tips mentioned here would surely help you make the choices better. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just watch IPL but play it too!

IPL Mega Auction 2022: Brief Discussion

74 players, 20 overseas and 54 Indians were sold as the ten Indian Premier League franchises splurged their way into intense bids at the 2022 IPL Player Auction in Bengaluru.

English all-rounder Liam Livingstone set the money registers booming as he became the most costly overseas signing in the history of the tournament after Punjab Kings acquired him for a whopping Rs.11.50 crores.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

IPL Fantasy League involves creating a virtual team of IPL players and scoring points on the basis of the performance of these players in a real-time IPL match. As a gamer, you are the team selector in fantasy cricket, and your aim is to select the best possible playing 11 to make a winning league.

The basic principle of the IPL Fantasy League App is creating a virtual team of the best 11 and playing the contest. Your team then earns points based on how the players perform in the actual match. This type of gaming is played online where we create a team online – in the virtual world – which plays in the real IPL match and gets points for us.

In four easy steps, you can play the IPL fantasy league.

  • 1. Select IPL match

  • 2. Select from 500+ daily contest

  • 3. Build your IPL team of 11

  • 4. Track the leaderboard and withdraw the winning amount
  • Maximum three batsmen can be selected in an IPL fantasy cricket team.

    All-rounder should be the best choice for Captain and vice-captain. The dual role of the all-rounder and wicket-keeper not only adds to basic game points but helps score bonus points as well.

    IPL fantasy league team is created within a budget of 100 credits, divided as minimum 1 wicketkeeper, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder, and 3 bowlers. With that said, the maximum limit of every category is 4 wicketkeepers, 3 batsmen, 4 all-rounders, and 3 bowlers. Upon creating a team of 11, you need to select a captain or a vice-captain.




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