Fantasy Football

What is Fantasy football?

Fantasy Football is an online-based gaming kind that includes placing 11 top players in a virtual team and getting compensated altogether for their individual execution in a real game. As a Fantasy team selector, you should choose the best 11 players who can be best depended upon to score points for your team with their own exhibitions in goal-keeping, mid fielding, striking and defending. The fantasy points of each player continue getting refreshed as the game advances dependent on their exhibition.

You get the chance to pick a Captain and Vice-Captain in your Fantasy Football crew. The Captain brings you to double the fantasy points he scores in the game and your Vice-Captain gives you 1.5 times his fantasy points so the 2 best players in the crew are typically made as to the Captain and Vice-Captain.

Is reading Fantasy Football News Important?

Much the same as reading newspapers is acceptable every day, reading Fantasy football news also has its own advantages. This is so significant in light of the fact that it offers refreshed news, best fantasy football tips, and insightful articles that can assist you with winning big. We along these lines suggest you read sports news and Fantasy football tips to get the best fantasy sports involvement with India.

A cautious choice of players is essential to making a game dominating team. Here's a rundown of components you should take a gander at before making your online fantasy football crew to win big!

Playing on the online fantasy football is a total skill-based endeavor that depends to a great extent with respect to your understanding of the game and your own impulses. The ultimate objective is to make a match-winning team using a certain maximum number of players who can perform their best in the following subset:

  • ● Playing conditions
  • ● Opposition
  • ● Current structure and history
  • ● Captain and Vice-Captain
  • ● Past experience of playing against a similar opposition
  • ● Top strikers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers
  • ● Uncapped Players
  • ● Strengths and weaknesses
  • ● Status: Injured, recuperating or making a comeback
  • ● Accessibility of chosen players
  • ● Players who can score Bonus Points

There are scarcely any more such factors that go into the creation of a high-performing on the online fantasy football team. We encourage you to follow the FSL11 Blog to get refreshed and constant data on the agenda above and to get expert analysis of the game you're going to play straightaway.

Why Should You Choose FSL11?

FSL11 is home to a thorough internet gaming experience involving a few football fantasy sports alliances, month to month promotions, fantasy sports points framework, referral rewards, top prizes, and month to month leaderboards. We propose you get in the demonstration with a superior demonstration of your aptitudes and energy for the game that you love the most.

Here's a little rundown of variables that would assist you with choices in support of ourselves:

  • ● A protected, secure and confided in gaming condition
  • ● Two quick and smart cell phone applications
  • ● Master advice on team determination
  • ● Energizing month to month challenges
  • ● Micro premier Leagues with Buy-Ins as low as INR 1
  • ● A few Cash Leagues and Practice Games
  • ● A committed Blog that offers Fantasy Tips, News and Analysis by specialists
  • ● Master examination and experiences per game
  • ● Referral reward and Partnership Program
  • ● Prize Program
  • ● Month to month Leaderboards for reliable entertainers

Indeed, all the more energizing on the online fantasy football challenges you are playing, the better it shows on your game. You can likewise welcome your companions to zest up your excursion to the moon and win big!

How To Play Fantasy Football On FSL11.Com?

With FSL11, you can generally make certain of a straight-line way between your online-based gaming aptitudes and some big rewards each day. This online entry is controlled by a straightforward and easy procedure to assist you in making a game dominating team without fail.

  • ● Pick the fantasy football game you need to play in
  • ● Make your football fantasy sports association team according as far as possible
  • ● Go for a Cash League or Practice Contest of your decision
  • ● Go after the prizes and offers

This without a doubt is the most ideal approach to figure out how to play fantasy football and to go after being the best. You may download the FSL11 fantasy app presently, to begin with, your first game today!

How To Play Fantasy Football Games Online?

It is for sure an excellent question. At FSL11, we offer you straight-line access between your enthusiasm for Football and creating match-winning fantasy sports teams. We advise you to visit our detailed coverage on the topic through videos and infographics to help you learn the basics of fantasy sports online. Apart from them, you can also visit our detailed and expert Fantasy Football Tips and Tricks section to make the most of your every online game with us! As for the starters, you can download our apps and choose the Fantasy Football League that you would like to play in. Please choose Practice Contests or Cash Leagues as per your proficiency and preference. Post that, you may create your team of superstars and you’re all set to rock!

1. Start gaming!

Beginning with fantasy football on FSL11 is as simple as 1-2-3! If you don't mind follow these means to begin now:

  • ● Information exchange or log in to your gaming account on FSL11.
  • Download the all-new FSL11 application for your iPhone or Android-fueled cell phone.
  • ● Pick the current football arrangement you'd prefer to play in.
  • ● Look over Cash Leagues or Practice Contests.
  • ● Make your best team of 11 players. If you don't mind note that you would be distributed a specific number of points to pick your favored players and to make your team.
  • ● Present your team once done and unwind!

When the genuine match goes live, you would begin getting points according to the performance of your picked players. The points that you collect during the match would be your premise to win the alliance for that coordinate.

  • 1. Make a team of 11 players
  • 2. Pick your pro players for master positions
  • 3. Maximum 1 Goal-Keeper
  • 4. Minimum 1, Maximum 3 Forwards
  • 5. Minimum 3, Maximum 5 Defenders
  • 5. Minimum 3, Maximum 5 Midfielders
  • 6. Maximum 7 players are permitted from one team
  • 7. Pick the Captain(2x points) and Vice-Captain(1.5 points) for your Fantasy Football crew.

2. Money Leagues And Practice Contests

Picking between Cash Leagues and Practice Contests on FSL11 is the least demanding activity. We encourage you to pick the last mentioned on the off chance that you are new to this online class if you know somewhat about the game and the class, you are generally free to play Cash Leagues on FSL11!

There is another method of augmenting your adoration for the game. You may play in FSL11's Private Leagues-and it is exceptionally straightforward. All you would require is to allude your companions to FSL11, request that they download its application, guarantee your referral reward, and then offer your companions an exceptional Private League greeting. As and when they go along with, all of you can begin playing Private League with them!

3. Points System

  • ● Every Successful tackle or assist would attract positive points.
  • ● Every valid scored goal would attract positive points.
  • ● Every self-goal would attract negative points.
  • ● Every valid Goal would attract positive points.
  • ● Every valid assist for a Goal would be equal to 5 points.
  • ● Every Clean Sheet would attract positive points.
  • ● Every Penalty Shot saved would be equal to 9 points.

4. Order In Football

  • There are two disciplinary cards in Football: Red and Yellow.
  • Getting at least one of these disciplinary cards would draw in negative points.
  • Yellow Card: - 1 point. Red Card: - 3 points.
  • A player would get a sum of negative points for all the cards that he has appeared.

5. Additional Time

  • ● Any occasion during the Extra Time (In-Game; not Post Game for a sudden death round) that influences the game would draw in points.
  • ● Occasions did during Penalty Shootouts after Extra Time don't convey any points.

Please note that all the above events (that qualify for distribution of points) would be assigned points as per our Fantasy Football Points System. We encourage you to visit this page to also understand the topic better.

How To Win Fantasy Football Games On FSL11?

Winning at fantasy football games requires skill, patience, and persistence. We offer a transparent process of offering virtual games and then deciding the winners based on their respective performances. As mentioned above, a fantasy sports player gets some points based on his selection of players and their respective performance in the real matches. This is applicable across all gaming variants, be it Practice Contests or Cash Leagues.

Secondly, there are a certain number of payable positions in a league. This information is game-specific and is always pre-disclosed on the BB app. Please note that you would be eligible to win a prize only if you fall in that bracket. It is thus that we recommend you play our Practice Contests on a daily basis so that you can learn and evolve through the game like a pro. And yes, you may always take your next step to play fantasy football Cash Leagues to win big!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

To play fantasy football on FSL11, follow the steps given below:

  • Download and install FSL11 fantasy football app
  • Register (or Sign In) using your mobile number
  • ● Select a match
  • ● Pick your best FSL11 players and build your dream team
  • ● Choose a cash contest to join
  • ● Keep an eye on your players during the match. You can even join a separate contest through 2nd innings contest to maximize your winning chances
  • ● You win big if your team scores the highest score and outperforms the other teams
  • ● Withdraw your money easily.

Yes, playing fantasy sports is legal in India barring the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland & Telangana as per government rules. Fantasy sports games are now considered as a game of skill in India and are played by millions of sports enthusiasts every day. Check more about Indian Fantasy Football on our website.

Playing fantasy football on FSL11 is absolutely safe, secure, and legal. Except for the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana, fantasy football is available for every other state and UT of India.

To win money in fantasy football, first, download and install the FSL11 fantasy football app, choose a match, select a contest and build your FSL11 fantasy team to challenge your peers and get a chance to win cash. Check out all fantasy football tips on our website to win every game.

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