Fantasy Cricket

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Cricket is not just a sport, but it is a feeling in India. Playing and loving cricket is considered as equivalent to worshiping god. And, to make the audience more comfortable, more lively, and more interactive with the game, the term fantasy cricket was evolved. The term Fantasy and Cricket go hand in hand, it is to play fantasy cricket match while living your fantasy. Fantasy sports cricket is the most addictive thing you can do on your phone except perhaps having cocaine.

Fantasy cricket is actually an online sports game for the cricket fans to strategize and get new insights into the game and playing an online cricket match with a team of their friends, family, and all other fans. It is an online game where the player can make a team of his own using his managerial skills and directorial skills, comprising of captain, vice-captain, wicket keeper, baller, batter, and thus score points according to the performance of the team in the match.

The latest addition to the online fantasy cricket world was that of Real Time Fantasy. There instead of picking the team before the start of the match, you can make a prediction on how would the game be carried out. Will it be in your favor or against you? The prediction like how many runs will be scored in the next over or the runs scored by a batsman can be made. If your prediction goes correct, boom, you earn bonus points.

Although, it is to be mentioned that online "fantasy cricket is a game of sports that is to be won by skills and not just a betting and gambling game". This is because no user picks a single team, rather different users/sports fans have to use their skills to choose the highest-scoring team.

How to Get Started with FSL11 Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Sports League11 (FSL11) is an online gaming platform that provides the best experience in playing online fantasy cricket. It offers a wide variety of games and like cricket and football and has one of the best gaming experiences of all time. As one of the leading game websites, FSL11 has specifically crafted as the most innovative & enticing best fantasy cricket game for Indian sports fans.

At FSL11, you can play all types of fantasy cricket games like T20, T10, IPL, an international tournament, and the schedule of these games is mentioned before time which gives you time to make your team and analyze the strategy. But, FSL11 is not affiliated in any way and claims no association, in any capacity whatsoever, with the Board of Control for Cricket in India ("BCCI"), the Indian Premier League ("IPL") or any IPL franchise (other than where especially started). FSL11 acknowledges that the BCCI/IPL and its franchises own all proprietary names and marks to the IPL.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

If you are following cricket for quite some time, then it is easy to get a hang of the best Fantasy Cricket. In FSL11, fantasy cricket is an amazing experience with a lot of new innovations and applications.

Once you download the FSL11 application from Play Store and AppStore then you have to :

  • ● Choose a match you would like to play
  • ● Create your team of 11 dream players
  • ● Choose your captain and vice-captain
  • ● Enter a contest of your choice by choosing and monetary value
  • ● Follow the match and track your progress on the leaderboard

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket at FSL11.

As a country of cricket devotees, the game is imbued in all of us. Fantasy cricket offers you a chance to put your information related to sports to brilliant use and exercise your brain cells. In addition, the fervor of winning and the difficulties make it totally convincing. Here are some key advantages of playing day by day fantasy cricket:

  • ● Become familiar with the game
  • ● Show your cricketing aptitudes
  • ● Draw in with a network of similar individuals
  • ● Make matches all the more energizing and exciting
  • ● Opportunity to win exciting cash prizes
  • ● Earn bragging rights with your companions and partners

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks

Bringing in cash daily has never been this simple. You would now be able to win big money consistently that too in the solace of your home by playing fantasy cricket on FSL11 . All you need to do is create beat your rivals in a round of wit and strategy. All in all, would you say you are prepared to boost your cash rewards? Here are a couple of tips that will without a doubt assist you with winning that large big stake:

  • ● Try not to play all games-Play those games that you have explored and have a nice measure of information on.
  • ● Try not to get ready for all matches at once. Plan in parts, keep most of the players from the current match, and afterward some for some other time.
  • ● Invert smartly. Don't place all your cash into one game. Partition your investments into parts (Example: You have 2000 rupees to go through in a month for FSL11, at that point don't contribute in excess of 200 rupees for every game. More games mean more opportunities to win).
  • ● Never join a league 30-40 minutes before the cutoff time. Attempt to join before 13-15 hours from the cutoff time. This procedure will let you plan for possibilities, similar to wounds or unexpected player changes.
  • ● Play 2-4 member fantasy leagues with 1, 11 players team. Also, don’t play a grand league or above 10 member league with a single team.
  • ● Make multiple teams for the grand league or above 10 member league.
  • ● In maximum games, try to make an all-rounder as your captain and a premium batsman or bowler as vice-captain.
  • ● For grand league focus only for a particular series at a time and try grand league for all the matches of that particular series. Don’t pick and choose matches when playing in a grand league.
  • ● For heavy investment, a person must choose 2- 3 member league where your opposition will not take risks & choose the team carefully because of heavy investment. As fewer money leagues have more chances of losing because fewer money opponents won’t be scared to take a risk on wildcard players.
  • ● Try to stick only Head- 2- Head games, 3 or 4 member contests as the chances of winning are high & competition is very low.
  • ● Before playing, do complete research on the probable playing 11, weather report, ground conditions, pitch report, player’s stats for that ground and opposition & previous match performances of a player.
  • ● Do not invest more initially,first play small leagues or leagues with less entry fee, once you win an amount more than 1000 with that small investment, use it to enter into higher requirement leagues.
  • ● Don’t create teams based on youtube videos or apps, trust your knowledge, and do some research regarding forms of teams and players.
  • ● Use your own instincts to make team, and think differently, you can make 6 teams per account, which means you have 12 teams at least with two accounts. It will create more chances of winning.
  • ● Try to search for low-level competitors for your FSL11 team according to the credit score or Captain and Vice-captain that you have chosen in your fantasy match.
  • ● Many times it so happens that if a player plays well in one match it is very likely that he doesn’t perform in the next match. If a player didn’t play well in one match, he’s likely to get end up with runs
  • ● Always try to save up on buying all-rounders for your FSL11 team, the more marquee the better. Look at players like Shane Watson, Hardik Pandya, or Ben Stokes. They will bowl their maximum quota of overs and they bat consistently as well.
  • ● Sometimes regular openers in domestic circuit come in the middle order to bat like Robin Uthappa or Ajinkya Rahane, they can be promoted or sent as an opener at any time. So, thinking out of the box is better. Experiment with taking the likes of Sunil Narine, he comes in as an opener for KKR.
  • ● Do play domestic fantasy leagues from other countries and learn more about those players. Usually, players play many domestic leagues, if u observe one player performance in one league, you can use it in other leagues (Like, Jofra Archer, Ben Laughlin, Lockie Ferguson, Sam Curran; etc).
  • ● In International fantasy matches, try to give more preferences to the players from the home team.

  • For more details on tips and tricks, you can read our blogs:

How to Win Fantasy Cricket games on FSL11?

FSL11 has a very lively approach and is deemed as the best app when it comes to winning. The fantasy cricket is full of strategy and expertise, it is no game of luck and it gives one of the best cricket experience ever. With perfect strategy, your managerial and directorial skills, you can make a team of best 11 players with the captain, vice-captain, wicketkeeper, baller, batsmen, and win the match looking out for contingency and other things and win cash daily.

FSL11 provides easy and instant transfer of cash to and from your bank account. This will help you to transfer all the cash amounts you have received directly into your bank account and that too instantly.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

To play fantasy cricket on FSL11, follow the steps given below:

  • Download and install FSL11 fantasy cricket app
  • Register (or Sign In) using your mobile number
  • ● Select a match
  • ● Pick your best FSL11 players and build your dream team
  • ● Choose a cash contest to join
  • ● Keep an eye on your players during the match. You can even join a separate contest through 2nd innings contest to maximize your winning chances
  • ● You win big if your team scores the highest score and outperforms the other teams
  • ● Withdraw your money easily.

Yes, playing fantasy sports is legal in India barring the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland & Telangana as per government rules. Fantasy sports games are now considered as a game of skill in India and are played by millions of sports enthusiasts every day. Check more about Indian Fantasy Cricket on our website.

Playing fantasy cricket on FSL11 is absolutely safe, secure, and legal. Except for the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana, fantasy cricket is available for every other state and UT of India.

To win money in fantasy cricket, first, download and install the FSL11 fantasy cricket app, choose a match, select a contest and build your FSL11 fantasy team to challenge your peers and get a chance to win cash. Check out all fantasy cricket tips on our website to win every game.

FSL11 team is created within a budget of 100 credits, divided as minimum 1 wicketkeeper, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder, and 3 bowlers. With that said, the maximum limit of every category is 4 wicketkeepers, 3 batsmen, 4 all-rounders, and 3 bowlers. The selection of the same depends on the budget.Upon creating a team of 11, you need to select a captain or a vice-captain.

In the game of fantasy cricket, the All-rounder and Wicket keeper are likely to get you a better score. The dual role of the all-rounder and wicket-keeper not only adds to basic game points but helps score bonus points as well. Also, the captain would earn you 2X points while the vice-captain would earn you 1.5X points. So, to earn maximum returns, make sure to create the right mix of teams with strong players